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Let us help you develop your concept design, including floor plan, and exterior elevations, all the way to detailed construction drawings for your home package.

Green By Design

Who We Are

Ocean Constructions is a General Contracting firm providing services to the  private and public sectors of our community.

We believe in sound communication and proper project management. Whether our projects are commercial or residential, large or small. they all follow the same systems and procedures.

we begin working with our clients before the project has been designed.

The advantage of this type of relationship is that all parties, Owner, Builder and Architect, work together from the project's conception to completion.

·         The project is based on a figurative but detailed budget that  helps control Construction costs during the design phase.

·         The agreement is put forth in two phases, Design then Construction. We believe our clients should not commit to construction costs until the final design is approved and working drawings are available

·         There is more time for all parties to familiarize themselves with each other before construction starts

·         There is more accountability by all parties because each person was involved from the beginning

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